RECAP: Spool is in Session: A Workshop about Film @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village

Attention Lomographers! Spool is in session!

On Saturday May 28th at Lomography Gallery store Greenwich Village, it was all about film!

Students were excited to learn about the many different and exciting ways you can use film. We started with the question, what is film, exactly? Learning all about the magic that can be created from what is put on these tiny gems we call negatives.

From the miniature stained glass look of slide film, to the grittiest grain of a 3200 speed black and white negative, we learned it all. What are sprocket holes? What does 120mm mean? How do you get those amazing colors cross processing? Are color films all the same?

Kodak is warmer, Fuji is cooler. There are sharper film and brighter films and ones that look silvery while others are stark contrast. There are film speeds you can only use in the day, and ones you can use in the of night without a flash. We learned how to decipher the codes on a film canister, and how to equip with film for any inspiration we wish to compose!

Once we knew about the rainbow of film options, we selected our film: 35mm and 120mm, redscale and slide film, black and white and infrared. Eagerly, we went out shooting, knowing the magic of our chosen would be revealed to us in the processing.

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