The Great La Sardina Recipe

Follow this simple recipe and you will be serving up plate-loads of fresh and tasty Lomographic treats with a distinctly Sardina-taste!

Serves: As many people as you can fit into your photos..

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 x La Sardina
1 x Experimental Lomographer
1 x Roll of film (choose any to your personal tastes!)
A pinch of experimentalism
2 Teaspoons of creativity

Step One: Take your Lomographer and make sure that they are ready to snap anything and everything in sight.

Step Two: Add roll of film, chosen to tastes, to the Sardina camera. Choose black and white for a gourmet, elegant, and extremely classic taste. If you’re a fan of fiery reds, why not try some redscale? For tangier, colour-popping flavours – why not settle for a healthy dose of X-Pro?

Step Three: Combine the Lomographer and the newly-loaded Sardina.

Step Four: Mix in the pinch of experimentalism with a light dusting of creativity.

Step Five: Start the shooting process. Make sure that lots of fun is injected into the process!

Step Six: Rewind. Unload. Develop and serve to the delight of all of your friends! This recipe is perfect for parties; why not arrange a special Sardina party for you and everyone you know?

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written by devoncaulfield on 2011-06-19 #lifestyle #la-sardina-camera-new-35mm-analogue-lifestyle-lasardina-kamera-neu-analog

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