Diana Mini : The Little Sister


There’s often trouble between sisters in real life. But the Diana Sisters live together in harmony.

While the Diana F+ is a Mrs., the Diana Mini is a Miss. While Mrs. Diana may be more versatile, her little sister has got inner qualities.

Miss Diana is not as complicated as her bigger sister too. She is not as demanding because she takes normal 135 film instead of 120 film. While the grown up Mrs. Diana decorates herself with countless accesories, the Diana Mini shines with build in features like the possibility to switch between square an half-frame.

Just like sisters, both Dianas shouldn’t be compared too much. Even if they belong to one family, they are both different personalities.

Leaving those metaphors and comparisons behind, the Diana Mini is quiet an unusual little camera. The possibility to switch between square (witch is by itself a unusual feature for a 135 camera) and half-frame mid-film makes it unique. The really wide lens that makes this shift of format possible is unique by itself.

The Diana Mini requires to be treated like a lady. With the minimum focus-distance of 60 cm she likes to get personally close. Treat the film-transport gently, if you force it too much the Diana Mini gets bitchy.
If you carry the little Lady with you all the time you will be rewarded with unique photos!

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