Multiple Exposures with the La Sardina

The La Sardina was born with a really handy Lomographic trick up its sleeve: that’s right Multiple Exposures. Located on the front of the viewfinder is a super-convenient MX switch which makes multiple exposures with the La Sardina camera so easy that everyone can make them! Here’s how.

Multiple Exposures (also sometimes known as Double Exposures or Multi-X) is a technique that’s extremely popular with a lot of Lomographers. It’s a wonderful technique whereby you overlay different shots on top of each other for really mind-warping and eye-popping results! Or even eye-warping and mind-popping. Whatever. Lomographers love it because the results are always unexpected, it looks great and it’s easy to do.

Luckily your La Sardina camera is built with multiple exposures in mind! So, making them is not only fun and exciting but easier than ever before. There are different ways you can go about making them.

  • One of the easiest ways to do it is by simply not winding the camera on after you have taken your picture. Just flick the MX switch on the front of the camera, line up your next Lomographic subject and snap away!
  • You’ve now taken a multiple exposure over the previous shot. You can do this as many times as you want, although you should be careful not to overexpose the shot. Too many multiple exposures and you can let too much light into the camera, and your picture will be overexposed (come out white!)
  • Be experimental about what you make multiple exposures of! Why not try mixing shots of people with shots of landscapes or cityscapes.
  • Or include yourself in those multiple exposures. Set your La Sardina up somewhere steady and use a cable release to take multiple self portraits of yourself next to…yourself. The effect can be really cool!
  • Really want to surprise yourself with some unpredictable multiple exposures? Wait until you finish your film, and then reload it! Shoot on top of the film you’ve just used, creating a double exposure on every single frame! Or give the finished film to a friend for them to load in their La Sardina. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

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