From the Hands of a Mother to a Daughter

2011-07-17 2

Some months ago, my mother saw me buying photo-rolls and asked me, surprised, why I did so. She listened to my explanation about Lomography with attention, since she was keen on photography herself when she was young.

Some days later, she came to my room with something in her hands. Kept in its cover full of dust was a Praktika Super TL 1000 from the 80s.

It was in perfect condition. My mother bought it when I was born, and it was with the same camera she used to take my first pictures.

She also gave me a box full of slides and negatives, but mostly slides. She told me she was such a slide enthusiast, partly because the place where she used to buy film developed it for the same price.

Of course, I scanned each and every one of them, and found beautiful pictures like this one:

Or like this one.

Also, such curious pictures such as this, where one can see the swimsuit trends of the time.

It took no time for me to put a new roll to experiment with the camera myself.

This is my favorite from that roll:

I cheered her on to take the camera again, and to give me some advice. I also offered her to take my Lomo cameras for a spin.

Right now she is on holiday with all my cameras.

Lomo on!

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translated by isabel_mebarak


  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    Que suerte con la camara! las fotos son preciosas!

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    What a cool camera... Sweet story .... lovely childhood pics....<:)

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