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Your normal photos too colorless and dull? Even the panoramic format of the pictures can’t bring out the photos? Why not just combine it with a filter? With a filter, the sky’s the limit, and the pictures will contain a magical touch!

Filters for “normal” cameras are rarely a problem, they easily screw on or slide in. There are filters for the Horizon cameras as well, but since I bought my Horizon Kompakt without any filters, I’ve just made my own filter.

What you need:

  • Horizon camera (I’ve tried it with the Kompakt, but there shouldn’t be much difference with the Perfekt)
  • Transparencies (printable if possible)
  • Scissors, Scotch Tape

Think first about what you would like to have for a filter. Here, gradient or solid color filters are best. I’ve created different color gradients and a filter with stars.

If you are using printable transparencies, you can easily create your templates on the computer in the approximate size of the area of the camera, which moves the lens from left to right. Using a size of 11.5 cm × 6.5 cm, the filters should actually be big enough. Then the different filters on the sheet can easily be printed and cut out.

If however, you only have transparencies that are not suitable for printing, it should work if you color in the Transparencies (about 11.5 cm per filter × 6.5 cm) with waterproof pens. Doing it this way, the colors are a bit stronger and the objects in the photo are a bit harder to see. Colored transparent films can also be found from time to time in everyday life, for example, the covers of some school notebooks, which should be suitable and of sufficient size for a filter.

I used printable transparencies for my filters and decided on gradients of: green to blue, vertical & horizontal rainbow, and pink to orange.

If you want to use a filter, you easily attach it with Scotch Tape in front of the swing lens on the outside of the Horizon. Of course you should make sure that you don’t block the lens in any way. And then you just trigger the shutter release. If the transparencies are painted/printed rather dark and thick with color, it is necessary to extend the exposure time.

That’s all it takes to craft custom filters for the Horizon. Otherwise, as always: Try it without fear and the results can be surprising.

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translated by duckduckninja

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