Cardboard Cameras

I bet you think you know what this article is all about. Well, If you guessed Paper Pinhole Camera, my apologies, but you guessed wrong.

Unconvinced? Perhaps I must reiterate. No, I am not talking about the Paper Pinhole Camera.

I’m talking about a certain Kiel Johnson’s obsession.

What floats your boat, they say. Although cardboard will most certainly not float on water, Kiel finds himself obsessed with it, recreating day-to-day items with the heavy-duty paper.

The camera series is just amazing. From Polaroids to SLRs, Kiel constructed each piece with painstaking detail. The corners, curves, lines and buttons, every facet, are lifelike. Art has never been this tastefully geeky.

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What did I tell you? Amazing.

And this is only a few of many. He also made a boombox (with little cassette tapes!), a printing press, and a set of musical intruments. You can view his work as well as the tedious process behind it on his official website:

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