Sagres Beaches

Surf, bodyboard or snorkeling lover? Are you looking for a good days of beach with lovely aquatic sights and crystal waters? Wanna relax in a youthful ambiance? Sagres and its beaches are the right spot. Either you surf, bodyboard or snorkle…you must try it!

Sagres is a small parish in the west corner of continental Portugal best known for embracing in the past an alleged nautical school by Infante D. Henrique, which was important for Portugal in discovering (Descobrimentos) the “new” worlds project. Currently it’s visited by many Portuguese and foreign tourists seeking for a symbiosis of relaxing sand carpets, crystal waters and nice waves for your board.

For surf or bodyborad you can choose Tonel’s Beach. For snorkeling, swimming in smooth and calm waters, a good few days with friends and even a late afternoon beer and shrimp you could choose Mareta’s and Martinhal Beach. As those beaches are situated in the west corner of Portugal you’re likely to find wind and not so warm water, although they’re situated in Algarve. Well, windy, not so warm water and probably not so crystal too so why the hell should you go there?! You have to go to believe and see with your own eyes. My opinion took a 180-degree turn as I keep wonderful memories of my latest holidays. Great waters (not so cold as somebody would say), not windy at all, and pretty hot! Simple great! Coincidence or not, it was the first time I snorkeled with full equipment (no weapon, no shirt) and the result was just abysmal – and you can really see a so-called submarine pit. The water was so good that I stayed down in the water among fishes, rocks, and sand for several minutes. Addictive! Staying in Portugal and Algarve? Don’t miss a trip to Praia da Mareta and Martinhal. Enjoy!

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