Tip Top Tips for Taking Tick Shots in London

Tip top tips for taking tick shots in London: Public Houses.

Part 1 – Public Houses

If you live in London, you will know the importance of pub culture. It’s where executive decisions are made, friendships are formed, and long term (often ill advised, and then inevitably argument filled) relationships blossom. And as an added bonus it is possible to buy drinks in them too! Now I am in no way advocating a yob culture (luckily in the UK we have avoided this due to diligent self control and excellent political role-models (Charles Kennedy etc.)), but I am advocating socializing, enjoying and taking as many photos as possible when in these glorious, often overlooked, places.

As a London based student, I spend most of my time alone in pubs, reading Hemingway, drinking whiskey and soda’s and smoking cheap roll ups whilst thinking about films and poetry that you probably haven’t heard of, however, when I do take a moment to look around, I see more often than not tourists. Tourists spending far too much time flicking through previous photos taken during the day, or even more scandalously, eating. What is the world coming to? A fantastic atmosphere surrounds them and an interior a photographic student would sell their skinny jeans collection for!

Have a chat to the chap constantly smoking outside, visit the toilets for the witty literature written above the urinals, or just have a ruddy good laugh (obnoxiously loud if possible). But most importantly take photos! It is a missed opportunity by so many people, Londoners and travelers alike take photos before the pub, during a meal elsewhere or at deafeningly loud nightclubs when a piece of true english culture lies within what most would consider a rest stop. Don’t look for vintage markets, amazing tourist areas or the ‘unseen London.’ Find pubs! There are so many fantastic places in London and the UK which I implore everyone to explore and photograph. Stick your Diana on B with a flash and tease the shutter for a second, push the lcas button until it gives you a cheeky second click or just buy a Fuji Natura Classica and let the japanese do the work! Lomographers like to drink and cameras like to be taken out, combine the 2 and you’ve got a hell of a headache in the morning, but a facebook album that will be the envy of all your friends.

One saving grace for this not very useful tip (its more of a push towards severe alcoholism) is that even if you do take photos, whoever you’re with will inevitably forget, even you will forget, and there is no greater feeling than picking up your photos from the lab and finding pictures of yourself half exposed in the pub toilets or with your arm around Susan Boyle after telling all your friends you got off with a fit famous female songstress. (But of course please do drink responsibly).

written by markfappleton on 2011-07-15 #lifestyle

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