Changgyeonggung Palace

Located in central Seoul, Changgyeonggung (Changgyeong Palace) is one of the Five Grand Palaces of the Joseon Dynasty and one of the best spots for viewing the cherry blossoms in spring.

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It was built by King Sejong and later enlarged by King Seongjong. During the Japanese colonial period, the Japanese further added to it a zoo, botanical garden and museum. Although these were removed after the Japanese occupation, the gardens that remain surrounding the palace are still extensive enough to be enjoyed by visitors.

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During the Cherry Blossoms Season in April, Changgyeonggung is one of the prime spots where the cherry blossom trees can be enjoyed.

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The nearest subway station is Hyehwa Station, leave the station via Exit 4 and go straight until you reach the intersection. Cross the road, turn left and walk for about 300m. You will start to see the palace walls, follow along it until you reach the main entrance. The walk will take about 15 minutes.

Admission fees cost 1,000 won per adult.

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