Happy Birthday ALILA magazine!

We partyed with ALILA magazine on it’s very first birthday. The atmosphere was special, made by soft lights, bright coloured banners and pastel ballons.

Pictures taken with a LOMO LC-A

Alila mag is an online magazine born fruit of Ilaria Gambi and Alice Manfroni’s great minds. A photographer and a style who both share great passion for fashion, design, art and culture.

The purpose of this bismonthly editorial , who just happened to turn one is to highlight and give space to great talents who find shelter in small spaces showing their designs.

Alila Mag develops a new theme every month telling fashion stories from the world and bringing together marvellous stories from people from all over the globe.

The style, styliceous, of this magazine came to life at a party hosted chez Lina’s our dear old favorite “trattoria” where the atmosphere brings you back in time.
Charmed and hypnotized by music and lights, inspiration was all over the place, it wasn’t hard to find ideas and people to shoot.

written by alessiab on 2011-05-26 #news #party #lomography #alila-magazine #italian-magazien #free-press
translated by superchouette

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