Scotland's Tropical Shores


Sharing with you guys Scotland’s secret beaches, shhh…

On a recent camping holiday up to Scotland me and my better half went on the search for some yummy beaches with stunning views.

Travelling up past Glasgow for around 100 miles near Malaig are hundreds of beautiful beaches. These beaches are very tropical looking with bright white sands and super bright blue seas.

I was amazed at how pretty Scotland was and that it wasn’t just mountains and hills, but a tropical wonderland! I can’t say much more due to not having the words to describe Scotland and all its treasures hidden away in so many nooks and crannies!

If you have a chance to go to Scotland, don’t just go to the usual tourist spots, go explore and find some true beauty!

written by explorette on 2011-05-28 #places #location #travel-destination #scotland-beach-sea-countryside-holiday


  1. lamp
    lamp ·

    Gorgeous beaches!

  2. panchoballard
    panchoballard ·

    Ooh, looking good! I may have to visit. Many midges?

  3. explorette
    explorette ·

    Yes loads, i don't usually get eaten (its my fellah mostly) but they proper bit me all over, and they looked like spots :( worth it though for the sights!

  4. explorette
    explorette ·


  5. juuldeliette
    juuldeliette ·

    Looks nice! And it's not raining :) ( It rains like 350 days of the year right?) Nice pics :)

  6. franty
    franty ·

    I believe Paul McCartney has a ranch near a beach in Scotland...

  7. explorette
    explorette ·

    thanks for the likes and comments guys :D
    @juuldelitte ye it seems to rain lots up there, we were lucky and got 2 sunny days out of the 5 we were there, then alas, the skys opened and wee'd on us lots!!

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