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How to free your favorite pictures from square-format prints and make perfect circles out of them. Refresh your view and step into the galaxy of round images within the all-round world of the Fisheye Circle Cutter!

I got the Circle Cutter as a birthday present to cut out my most beloved Fisheye images into round pictures. So I decided to share with you how to use the Fisheye Circle Cutter and what this little package actually contains.

30 photo clips, the Fisheye Circle Cutter, 6 sharp blades and 2 manuals in several languages.

The Circle Cutter contains 3 different diameter settings: 6.5 cm(2.5in), 8.5cm (3.4in) and 9.5cm(3.7in). It contains 3 sharp blades, to make a 360 degree cut out from your image. The circle cutter can be used to cut out Fisheye pictures, but it can also be used to cut out regular photos, everything that you wish to be a circle!

If you follow the instructions below, you will be amazed how awesome the results will get.

1.Choose one of the three diameter settings. Then clamp the blade into the appropriate slot with the black screw.

2.Study the illustration in the manual to see how to insert the blade properly.

3.Turn the cutter in the direction of the slant of the blade.

4.Place the cutter on the image you want to cut out and let the cutting action be a smooth and swift experience.

5.Choose the right surface to cut on – a surface that is harder than the metal blade will make it blunt. Ideal surfaces to work on are cardboard, newspapers, and old magazines.

Tip: To be sure of getting good cutting results, try cutting out pieces of newspaper, cardboard or similar material first to ensure that you figured out the techniques properly and to get a clean and crisp circle!

As a surface I used a magazine, which works good. Choose for a magazine, only if it is an old one, because the blade goes right through many other pages. You should definitely cut out pictures that are printed on real photo paper. I used copy paper and the results where not that clean. Of course ;). I also tried cutting out from a magazine and that worked pretty neat. Later on I printed the pictures on better paper and the cutting process went smoothly.

To enhance the viewing of your round pictures, make a lomowall by using the fotoclips!
I ensure you that you will love it.

Now that I have used the Circle Cutter, I will definitely build my own lomowall in my apartment. The result really made me happy. I think I will choose a nice empty wall and build a big lomowall! Maybe you will too!

Microsite Circle Cutter

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    Niiice! I didn't know we could choose the diameter!

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    Great review!!!

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    The magazine cut outs are niiice!

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