The Diana 20mm Fisheye Lens


The Diana 20mm Fisheye Lens is the perfect accessory for your Diana camera! With versatility as its best quality, the Diana 20mm Fisheye Lens will blow your mind with great shots. You will be amazed by what this small Lomography accessory can do!

When I first spotted the Diana F+ camera, I immediately knew I had to also have the 20mm Fisheye Lens. I always loved wide angle and fisheye shots, so I bought my Diana F+ camera along with the 20mm Fisheye Lens and the 35mm Back. The 35mm Back was bought for purely practical reasons: as I didn’t have a film scanner and the labs in my home town don’t scan 120 mm film.

Little did I know that I was in for a cool surprise after developing my first roll. The shots didn’t come out circular as I expected, they came out as wide angle shots. Reading again the specifications I discovered that, in my excitement, I skipped the most important part: “The Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens used on 35mm SLR cameras has the effect of a 38mm Wide Angle Lens. On an APS-C sensor it´s equivalent to a 60mm lens”. So the bad news was that I had to learn how to correctly frame my shots (as nor the fisheye viewfinder, or the Diana viewfinder were accurate in this situation). The good news was that I had two lenses in one! All I had to do was to switch to 120mm film when I wanted to get circular shots and back to 35mm film when I wanted wide angle shots! This was awesome!

For several months I used my fisheye lens with the 35mm Back and I was really pleased with the results.

I managed to learn the best way to accurately frame my shots: it is best not to use the fisheye viewfinder; use the camera’s viewfinder and get a bit closer to your subject. If you use the fisheye viewfinder you will have the tendency to get too close to the subject and get cut out photos like these.

But it wasn’t until I tried the Fisheye lens with 120 mm film that I discovered its full potential. I bought 2 packs of Lomography CN 100 ISO film and the results were absolutely mind-blowing! Extraordinary clarity! Incredible colors! Great close-up focus! I was stunned! Now I want to use my fisheye lens with 120 mm film all the time! Unfortunately I can’t for now as the closest photo lab that scans 120 mm film is 230km away.

-It comes in a cool looking box perfect for storing your developed films
-If you also have the Diana 35mm Back you will have a 2-in-1 lens (wide & fisheye)
-Comes with a small bag where you can store your lens when not in use

-If you use a flash adaptor with your Diana, you won’t be able to use the fisheye viewfinder as it won’t fit
-At first a bit hard to use with the 35mm Back as none of the viewfinders are accurate


-Always put your lens cap on when you’re not taking any shots! The lens can get scratched very easily
-When you don’t use your camera, always leave the Diana Fisheye Lens set to “infinity”. If you leave it set to 1-2m or 0.3-1m you can damage it as in these settings there is a slight movement of the lens. So, for example, if you grab your camera from your bag by the lens and it is set to 1-2m or 0.3-1 m this slight movement will increase in time
-For best results use it with 120mm film

All in all, the Diana Fisheye Lens is the best choice for your Diana camera: it’s versatile, it’s fun to use and you’ll get incredible shots each and every time.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    it's also my fav Diana+ lens add on!

  2. binter_merzy
    binter_merzy ·

    Yumyum..Nice review, I like pros, cons and advice you have made...

  3. lucretia
    lucretia ·

    Thanks! Glad u like it.

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