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With all the Snatch! offers, bundle deals and film discounts going down at lomogaphy.com these days it’s hard keep tracking. So here’s a little overview of what we’re offering at the moment:

With all the Snatch! offers, bundle deals and film discounts going down at lomogaphy.com these days it’s hard keep tracking. So here’s a little overview of what we’re offering at the moment:

Limited Offers

Free LC-A book with every LC-A+ package

There has never been a better time to snag yourself a LC-A+, especially because at the moment you can get the LOMO LC-A book free with every LC-A+ purchase.

For EU/USA orders this book will be automatically added to you LC-A+ order. Asia/ROW costumers please see the Dropdown menu for “Camera & LC-A Book” options. Only these packages will include the free Lomo LC-A book! Adding camera and book seperatly is not possible!

Free Instax Mini package with every Instax Mini Camera

Until Monday 01.12.08 you’ll get a free Instax Mini Film Pack with every Instax Mini Camera purchased!

Multilens Snatch! Offer

Snap-happy kids, rejoice! (That means all of you!) The latest Snatch! offer features our multi-lensed friends from the shop. Buy an Actionsampler & a Supersampler Chrome, and get a Pop 9 for free!

Kiev 4 Snatch! Offer

This Snatch! combo is an amateur photographers dream come true! The Kiev 4, with its combined viewfinder and rangefinder window makes it easy to focus and frame while the clear depth-of-field scale coupled with a 9cm-long rangefinder base makes focusing easy and extra clear images the standard!
The Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim on the other hand is small enough sneak in anywhere, produces superb vignettes and with that extra wide lens you are almost certainly going to capture your subject, no matter the angle!

Great Deals and Big Saving

Diana Deluxe Kit

Now, for the first time the Diana+ can be found together with all her accessory kinsman. That’s correct – every Diana+ accessory you can think of is right here ready to roll. Go forth and diversify your Diana+ experimentation with the comprehensive collection of tools and accessories.
The best thing is that when you buy the complete Diana collection of goodies – you get a huge discount off the price of buying each piece separately. Pricing: 200,00 EUR / 240 – Saving: 104 EUR /140 USD

Lubitel 166+ Package

The Lomographic Society International is thrilled to introduce the Lubitel+, a loving recreation of this Soviet-era classic. Based on a design that dates back over 60 years, it’s truly a mid-century masterpiece updated with stunning new features, including the ability to shoot BOTH medium format and 35mm film.

Save 33 EUR/53 USD Lubitel 166+ Deluxe or 78 EUR/108 USD on the Supreme Package!

Plastic Fantastic Package

Want the whole kit and kabbodle? The nitty and the gritty – all packaged together? Check out our exclusive Plastic Fantastic Packages – where you receive the most crucial plastic cameras and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

Save up to 170 EUR/USD on our Plastic Fantastic Packages!

* Visit the shop!

Film Deals

Lomography “Final Cut: Agfa APX 400”

Discontinued in 2005, Agfa APX 400 B&W film has long been a firm favourite amongst Lomographers with a penchant for film noir. Our Deadstock hunter found this classic emulsion masquerading in a Rollei Retro 400’s clothes and are now destined to bring it back into the light.
This sought-after emulsion is hand-numbered and packed in a Lomography box specially designed to pay tribute to this memorable moment, your last chance to experience this B&W Agfa classic.

*"Visit the shop!":http://shop.lomography.com/go/?where=shop&pro=fbs

Kodak Slides

Kodak Ektachrome 100G

  • 5-pack 20
  • 10 pack 35
  • Save up to 36%

Kodak Elitechrome EBX 100

  • 5-pack 25
  • 10-pack 45
  • Save up to 20%

Klick Film

  • 5 rolls – 8 EUR/USD
  • 10 rolls – 16 EUR/USD
  • 20 rolls – 24 Eur/USD
  • 100 rolls – 100 Eur/USD

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