The Rockstar Up Close: Elliott Landy's Bob Dylan Photographs


As a budding photographer for rock musicians, Elliott Landy has in the past taken personal snapshots of Bob Dylan, one of the most iconic personalities in the realm of rock music.

Eliott Landy, photographed by Bob Dylan. (Photo via 3rd Ear Music)

Every professional photographer goes through a first major assignment, a baptism of fire of some sort. For Elliott Landy, now a recognized photographer of rock musicians, it had to be his Saturday Evening Post assignment—to photograph Bob Dylan for a cover image in 1968.

The cover of Saturday Evening Post, featuring Landy’s snapshot of Bob Dylan. (Photo via Saturday Evening Post)

Around the time of his assignment, Landy was still a photographer in the works, and had just started taking photos of underground rockstars in 1967. Meanwhile, Bob Dylan was already at the peak of his career as a musician. Prior to this assignment, Landy had already done his first record album photography stint with The Band’s Music from Big Pink album. Landy’s work caught the attention of Dylan’s friend, which eventually led to the meeting of the iconic musician and the budding rockstar photographer. Not only did Landy develop a good working relationship with Dylan from then on, but also a friendship that enabled the photographer to take more personal snapshots of Dylan. A year after this stint, Landy became the official photographer for the 1969 Woodstock Festival, and went on to photograph other musicians such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix.

Now, just in time for Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, let us take a look at some of Landy’s very first photographs of the famed rockstar.

Photo via
After the shoot for Saturday Evening Post, Dylan asked Landy to come back and take photos of him with his family. As the two men established a friendship, Landy was able to chronicle of Dylan’s personal life through his photos. Landy told TIME that he did not publish these photographs until several years later, knowing how much Dylan valued his family and their privacy. (Photos via TIME Lightbox)
According to TIME, Landy was supposed to take photos of Bob Dylan for his upcoming album’s back cover in 1969. However, this rather goofy photo of the musician wearing a traditional hat became the front cover image for Nashville Skyline. (Photo via

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  1. kneehigh85
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    This is a great story and Bob Dylan is my hero. I just got asked if an author can use one of my photos of Leonard Cohen for his book, I am so excited!

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  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    Let's all toast for the man and sing " Blowin in the Wind" or "like a Rolling Stone"! Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan!

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