RECAP: Graffiti Walk in London with Russell Darling


Graffiti is something we are all familiar with… it fills the walls, railways and back alleys of countless streets but on this walk we were introduced to something a little more meaningful then the odd ‘tag’ or ‘I waz ere’… instead we entered the creative, bright, bold and some-what secretive world of Street Art.

Mr Darling sharing his love of street art and graffiti with the group….

Our very own ‘Exit through the gift shop tour’ was hosted by our resident lomographer and street art expert Russell Darling. Leaving our Soho store, we headed to Old street (armed with our LCA’s of course and plenty of chrome film) and made our way through the pavments of East London, looking up and down, left and right – looking more intensively than ever before for little pieces of art and magic.

Rocking it with the MX switch!

We found tiny doors, written messages, beautiful collages and the lucky for us the odd banksy and Roa designs along the way. We noticed things we would never normally see and found ourselves down streets and over bridges we never knew existed – a real labyrinth opened up right in front of our eyes.

Hit the streets walkin’ with ultra cool trainers to match!

We were introduced to prolific worldwide known street artists such as ROA

ROA’s squirrel

a yet known artist who plants miniature doors now slowly popping up all over the city…

and of course east London’s most popular resident Stick…

and the now infamous Space Invader!

Our day was filled with luck… every space, every carpark or alley way was open for us to explore and even Russell was surprised by the amount of great street art we got to see that was fresh with paint still waiting to dry. It was a fun day for all… stay tuned for our next workshops and walks in JUNE!

Lomography Gallery Store Soho
3 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RE

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Written by kierajolly

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  1. peewpeewbangwatcha
    peewpeewbangwatcha ·

    shepard fairey!

  2. jonzy
    jonzy ·

    Photo number 42 in your montage at the end - the blue swirly pattern... can you remember whereabouts that was? It's a piece by my girlfriend's favourite street artist, Zezao, and we're trying to track it down!

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