comraderudy and lucyeve report on the launch of the LC-Wide at the Lomography Gallery Store LA!


After all the rumors and speculation, Californians finally got to see the secret lovechild. The Lomography brain trust in Arnold’s native Austria brought us a new twist on the beloved LC-A+: the LC-Wide. And we didn’t even have to wait ten years to officially get our newest gift of life!

our contributors: comraderudy (second from right, in a vintage vest from 1984), and lucyeve (second from left, stunning in blue)

The Lomography Gallery Store LA’s regular Thursday night Blue Hour was transformed into a 1980s coming out party. The LC-Wide was well received. “Whoa!” No, that wasn’t the reaction to the Lomography staff’s Dynasty-themed attire (although there were certainly a few whoa-worthy getups). It was how people responded to seeing the LC-Wide images for the first time. Special thanks to the LC-A+ Instant Back for that speedy service!

The celebration, complete with champagne and caviar, felt less like a marketing event and more like a community coming together to welcome a new member. Lomographers brought their babies (did anyone see my Tori Amos Diana F+? Cute, huh?) as if to say, “Hey little Lubitel, that’s your new baby sister. You guys are going to have lots of fun together.” And without missing a beat, Diana Mini pipes up: “Hey Mom and Dad, remember when I gave you the idea to do square frames and half frames?” in perfect Austrian-accented English.

The event, like the West Hollywood neighborhood it was held in, brought strange bed fellows together. We, the regulars, saw plenty of new faces/future converts and met the woman who will play a key role in bringing Lomography to our NorCal friends. Discussions ranged from the new camera to Apple vs Android to how someone’s first taste of caviar almost made her throw up. That last person will remain nameless, but I’m pretty sure her Lomo home is Idontcolor. Oh yeah, the Lomo home name tags were brilliant.

As the effects of the champagne wore off and my eyes recovered from the 1,000+ flashes, one thought came to mind: not even our Silverlake hipster friends can say only Lomography’s early stuff was good.

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Lomography Gallery Store LA
7998 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 301.1414

Open Hours
Monday – Saturday: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

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    wish I could've been there!

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