“Dwarf Land” Kids’ Park: Remember Your Childhood

“Dwarf Land” is one of my favorite places in Constanta as it reminds me of my childhood. It is the biggest kids’ playground in town and is part of Tăbăcărie Park. It has a very lively atmosphere and is the perfect place to take some fun photos.

“Dwarf Land” Tăbăcărie is the biggest kids’ park in Constanta so whether it’s summer or winter you will always find children playing around. It doesn’t matter if you like children or not because this is the perfect place to take fun and lively photos! Each time I come here, I remember how much fun I had as a kid: running around in the park with not a care in the world and playing all sorts of fun games with other kids. Back then “Dwarf Land” didn’t exist, but the child-like atmosphere is still the same.

Even though I can’t use all the fun stuff around like the swings, the slides and all the other rides because there is a very strict age limit, I like to come here once in a while and just lay on the grass or sit on a bench, enjoy the view and take photos.

The location itself is very beautiful and inspiring: it has three small hills, lots of flowers and trees that add extra color to the park and of course, some small dwarf figurines. Also, “Dwarf Land” is part of Tăbăcărie Park and is very near to Tăbăcărie Lake, so when you get tired of all the giggling and running around you can always take a quiet stroll on the Tăbăcărie Lake shore or enjoy a nice book on a bench.

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