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Film photography and crafting are two of my most favourite things ever. But I never thought I’d ever see Lomo-related stuff published in a crafty magazine!

I bought a crafty magazine to keep me entertained on a long train journey to Manchester the other weekend. Here it is!

It’s a new magazine and the yumminess of the apples and colours of the little crochet jackets made me choose it out of all the other crafty mags. Flicking through its lovely pages I stumble across this:

Cute little button badges to adorn, well, anything you’d like! They’re available from Etsy and when I went to search for them, I find lots more by other people! Have a look for yourself! Also check out the magazine if you are into that sort of stuff, it’s a great read!

written by hahajaney on 2011-06-01 #news #badges-lomography-leica-holga-polaroid-cool-camera-retro-craft-handmade

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Those badges are amazing!

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