Southbank Festival, London

The Southbank is always a place with lots of activity and this year is no different. The Southbank celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain and has four months worth of activities lined up for Londoners.

There are many themed weekends lined up, but a trip down to the Southbank does not need to be on a themed weekend as there are lots to see. First stop would be to check out the food ranging from cakes to paella.

Next, going along the riverbank, you will come across a beach and the other decor you would associate with a nice English beach.

Why not pop down to the mini funfair and go on the Helter Skelter?

Afterwards, pop down to the Underbelly Cow, where you can find more food, have a seat, and have a drink!

Then if you have more time, take a wander and have a look at the art that is around the area, such as a big massive fox sitting on the roof of a building!

So with so much to see, it is definitely worth a trip down to Southbank. Festival is on to the 4th of September 2011.

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