Fisheye + Diana = Fisheyeiana!

As soon as I saw the ad for this lens I knew I had to buy it.

Way back when I discovered Lomography and was eager to buy a camera, I had to choose very wisely which one I would buy. Initially I couldn’t decide between a Fisheye or a Diana F+, because I really liked both of them! But I had to make up my mind and ended up buying a Diana F+ (now my precious Lady Di). I chose Diana F+ because it had a more simple effect and also I didn’t like the idea of ONLY taking fisheye photos. I was afraid to get bored of it.

Some time passed and, with my Diana F+ equipped with a 35mm Back, I started searching for new ways of taking photos, until I saw the ad for the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens!

I IMMEDIATELY knew I had to buy it! I mean, come on, this was an opportunity to join both the cameras I desperately wanted! And with the chance of switching Lenses it was just PERFECT. I could never get bored of it!

So, I started putting together some piggie friends (with LOTS and LOTS of translations), and ordered the Fisheye Lens! I had to wait one week, and believe me, it was a VERY long week :P

When the Lens arrived, I only had 35mm film, so I had to use the 35mm Back. Which was too bad, because it wouldn’t be a square and the circle of the Fisheye was going to be cut….But anyway, I Lomographed, and I Lomographed and I also Lomographed. Oh, and I Lomographed a bit, too!

I can honestly say that the only downside of this Lens is that it doesn’t get the good old fashioned Fisheye effect with a 35mm Back, that I often use. But the Diana is a medium format camera, so if you use it with the normal back, you can totally get that cool and awesome fishy eye! You have two cameras within one! Its a Cameraception! (Inception reference :P)

Well, to finish this article I just want to say that I’m REALLY HAPPY with this Lens, despite the fact that I can’t enjoy it as much as I would with 120 film (I ordered a B&W pack, I can’t wait to try it out!) and to all the Diana Lovers out there: BUY THIS LENS if you want more of your camera!!

OH, and a recomendation!

The viewfinder that comes with the Lens is really cool to show your friends the effect it’s going to have, but I advise you not to guide your photo through that. What you think will show up is going to be different because of the Parallax effect (the setting of the photo will be much lower than the setting you see through the viewfinder, so it means you will have half of a face instead of a full face :P)

written by gabrielasoares on 2011-06-07 #gear #20mm #review #fish #35mm-back #lens #lady #lomography #fisheye #diana #di #user-review #hooray

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