Lothar Wolleh: Photographer of Modernity

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Up until the late 60s Lothar Wolleh was one of Germany’s most successful commercial photographers. Then he gave it all up.

At the suggestion of a friend, Lothar Wolleh began to create portraits of renowned artists. Until his death in 1979, Wolleh worked on a total of 109 artist portraits. These included: Rene’ Magritte, Henry Moore, Joseph Beuys, Lucio Fontana, Christo and Man Ray.

images via www.lothar-wolleh.de

These portraits formed the core of Wolleh’s photographic achievement. Very often rigorously symmetrical, Wolleh placed the artist at the very centre of the portrait and removed him/her from the studio.

images via www.lothar-wolleh.de

Wolleh also invited the artists to intervene on the portraits he’d taken of them. For this purpose, the photographs were usually transferred to photographic canvas and in this way, a unique symbiosis of art and artistic photography was created.

images via www.lothar-wolleh.de

Either way, whether pre or post intervention, Wolleh’s artist portraits are worth many a glance. I think my favourite one is Christo’s (the one taken with the fisheye lense) but I’m not too sure yet. Which one’s yours?

Find out more about Lothar Walleh on www.lothar-wolleh.de.

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    Love the pieces that are art plus photo.

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