Cannes Film Festival - Interview of Jim Clin

We have been lucky enough to meet Jim Clin during the Cannes Film Festival. He’s a film director who was shortlisted in the Short Film Competition this year. He entered the competition with ART STEP (BONUS), a project on which he’s working since 2005, who will become a feature film in 2012. We found out that he was quite a unique character, passionate and living for his art…

Photos taken by mikahsupageek

Hello Jim ! Can you tell us a few words about your project ART STEP (BONUS) ?
Art Step Bonus is a full length film I’ve been working on since 2005, until january 2011. Actually, it’s my first full length film. The short film I’m in Cannes for is called BONUS. It’s about something like a 5-year-long TV show, broadcasted worldwide, held by two businessmen who remain unknown. This TV show hires undergroung artists into warehouses and they let them express themselves through pictures and visual stuffs, but everything is under the control of the two businessmen. After some time, the artists can’t take it anymore, rebel and try to take the control of the show back. It’s a mix between reality and fiction.

How do you deal with photography in your workflow ?
I’d say that photography is my main reporter. I’m constantly working with photographers, especially Renaud Subra who I’ve been working with since the beginning. Some directors work with storyboarders and roughmen to get storyboards, but I work with photographers by looking at their contact sheets. Photos really have a stong influence on the editing, the story and the purpose of the movie. I feel really close with photography even if my work is mainly about working with moving pictures.

What do you think about the following sentence : “The future is analogue” ?
Analogue… it makes me think about the film itself, working on the negatives and the rolls, it’s really the root of everything. I work on both 16mm and 35mm films. I need the films, if I don’t have films, I feel like a robot who’s only capturing things. Maybe that’s what an ‘analogue future’ would look like… (laughters…)

What kind of camera do you use ?
I work with a little of everything, but my main camera is a 16mm WEBAM REFLEX.

Which messages do you want to pass through your work ?
I try to get people into experimenting and writing, I want them to reach some kind of liberty, a liberty related to writing pictures. Picture writing is really different from writing with a pen.

Do you know Lomography ? If you do, what do you think about it ?
Yeah, I know it for a few years… I really love the concept, all these different cameras are alive, all these different camera shapes and pictures shapes… by the way, I have one here with me (Jim reaches his bag, takes a blue Supersampler out of it, and puts it on the table), i entered the Mini Movie Competition you’re having. It’s quite cool !

If you had to end up on a desert island, what would be the five things you’d take with you ?
Five things only ? Anything I want ?

Yes, anything !
My camera, my two main actors, my assistant, and… a bow with some arrows !

If you had to pass a message on to all the lomographers, what would it be ?
Don’t stop shooting, try to find some new techniques and new ways to do stuffs, in order to make art evolve !

Have a look at some of the Jim’s work on his blog and on his Dailymotion channel !

Jim, thanks à lot for this interview !

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