Monochrome Seaside by LIFE Photographer Wallace Levison


We all love beach photos in bright hues of blue and green, but who says the beach looks bland in black and white? See beach life in monochrome through LIFE photographer Wallace Levison’s interesting photos from the 1880’s.

The beach without a doubt looks best in bright hues of precious slide films, but have you ever tried taking beach photos in monochrome? It’s not that difficult to conclude that it will result to a bland-looking seaside, but LIFE photographer Wallace Levison was able to take advantage of the dramatic effect of black and white films for his beach snapshots. While certainly not as bright and vividly colored as ours today, Levison’s beach photos during the 1880’s certainly look classy and unique. Most likely aware of the limitations of black and white photography, Levison captured people frolicking and relaxing by the seashore instead of sceneries and seascapes. The result? Elegant beach photos with interesting stories to tell.

If you are up for a challenge, bring your film cameras to the beach and use Levison’s photos as your guide for some interesting monochromatic beach photos!

A lady stands on the end of a diving board at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.
A boy washes and drains a fishing boat by the shore.
Interesting photo of six men wearing different styles of bathing suits and hanging out on the beach near the Narragansett Pier.
A man with a barrel around his waist hold himself in a push-up position.
Two ladies sit under an umbrella at the beach as others play in the surf.
A fashionable lady wearing a dress and hat, and carrying a parasol, stands along the coastline. Behind her is a group of people under an awning at the beach.
A family, all dressed up, gets ready for a pictorial by the beach.

All photos from LIFE Photo Archive on Google

Do you have interesting seaside snapshots in black and white, like Wallace Levison’s? Share them with us through a comment below!

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