The Church of the Redeemer

It stands in the old town of Lüdenscheid and is not only ancient but also very beautiful!

The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is the oldest church in Lüdenscheid. It is in the middle of the Altstadt (this old town of Lüdenscheid is small, but totally cute!) And the tower of the church is the oldest building in the city (11th century).

After the conversion and partial demolition of the building during 1826, the inauguration of the new nave happened. The tower of the church points to the north and east. It has typical romantic arched friezes. Only in 1785 was the baroque church tower built. The Classicist nave is marked by arched windows and pilasters decorating the facade. Inside the church you can find wooden arches and galleries. If you want to visit the church and take pictures outside during the church services, you can visit every Saturday from 11am-1pm. Every 1st Saturday of the month, you may have permission to climb the bell tower. Beautiful motifs are located in the interior of the church as well as outside.

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