Soundtrack to My Analogue Life


When I need inspiration for my photography, I turn to websites that feature artists I like, movies, and sometimes I withdraw within myself, put on my favorite introspective music, and let the ideas come to me.

I have a very wide taste in music. I was raised on bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Doobie Brothers, Foghat, and even a lot of folk, disco, country and bluegrass. In my teenage years, while all my peers banged their heads to metal, I was embracing the likes of Stan Kenton, Count Basie, Chick Corea, among many other famous jazz musicians. At one time I wanted to be a trombone performance artist.

Now in my 40s, (gee I didnt give that one away did I?) I look back on ALL decades of music, and in my itunes collection, I probably have a little bit of everything. When I want to photograph, there are certain kinds of songs that I am drawn to however. They tend to be a little wacky, ambient, new agey and not so much mainstream. This is a small list of songs that inspire me. Perhaps they will do so for you, if you get a little bored and just want some different ear candy….

1) Superdope by Jens Buchert – I like to feel like I’m being transported to a different world sometimes, and Jens Buchert is one of those artists that accomplishes this. I love chill lounge, and this song I guess kind of does live up to its name, without the taste and smoke LOL. Cross process, acidic colors.

2) Yachts (Vox Version) by A Man Called Adam – this gets me in the mood for a mod pool party, complete with cigars and martinis a la Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Or abstract mid century modern architecture and art.

3) Vivo Sonhando – this hit is the ultimate in 60’s hip. Think Mad Men, smoke filled bars, men in suits, women in form fitting sheaths, funky hats and jewelry. Many people might initially label it “elevator music” but you have to go much deeper than that and really let the song speak to you.

4) Uschiu No Daikan by Naoki Kenji – this song just puts me in a time lapse mood. Looong exposures, night traffic lights, taking pictures of people just coming out of the bars at 2am with their makeup and hair all messed up.

5) Resurrection by Common – this hip hop song just gets me in the mood for doing street photography. The grittier the better. Think the ruins of Detroit or inner city Harlem.

6) Anything by Apocalyptica – this all cello band takes heavy metal tunes, namely by Metallica, and puts an entirely new gothic twist on them. This is what is usually in my head when I think of shooting graveyards, abandoned buildings, or anything that invokes an uneasy feeling in a photograph.

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  1. michell
    michell ·

    Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash. They are some of the bands I listen to most at the moment. Guess I'm in a sort of old-school period with the music as well as photography! :)

  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    Nice list to get inspired!

  3. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    Resurrection by Common is a great song. Got to see him live In San Francisco in early 2000s, fantastic show.
    Great write up, I'll have to check out the others you listed.

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