Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens


This is the lens you will most often see on the end of my Diana F+.

Yes, you can get real close and get amazingly funny and distorted shots of people you love and, if you dare, animals. But I prefer to step back and take as much in as possible.

I like to use it with medium format film to get the whole circular feel of the Fisheye.

Credits: gm_mcleod

But even more, I love the way it looks with 35mm film, sprockets exposed!

Credits: gm_mcleod

So many ways to use the Diana F+, so many ways to use the 20mm Fisheye Lens! I love it!

written by gm_mcleod on 2011-06-06 #gear #35mm #review #sprockets #circle #lomography #fisheye #diana-f #user-review #requested #camera-accessory

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  1. simon-hedge
    simon-hedge ·

    You've convinced me. I'm going to get one!

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