Fujifilm Astia - The Unexpected Green!


Fujifilm Astia is an ISO 100 slide film and has been discontinued. It is a fined grained and low contrast slide film often used for studio or portrait applications.This film usually gives a reddish/purplish color shift when cross processed. However, I tried out an expired roll of Astia that gave me unexpected greens!

After Fujifilm Astia has been discontinued, it has become more and more difficult to find this film for sale online or in photo labs. I finally managed to get my hands on a roll of expired Astia from a local toy camera shop. I loaded the roll into my LC-A+ and finished shooting it very soon. Expecting to see the usual reddish/purplish color shift, I was very surprised to see all the greens in my shots after the roll was developed! I love the colors and the shots have fine grains. I would definitely buy another roll of Astia to try it out again whether it will give me this unexpected green shift or the usually reddish/purplish shift. Give this film a try if you have the chance before all the stocks are gone!

written by dabai on 2011-06-06 #gear #review #astia #slide-film #35mm-film #slides #lomography #xpro #user-review

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  1. ethanheartslomo
    ethanheartslomo ·

    I'll have to buy some Astia for my Minolta SRT 202!
    The colors mixed with the depth I get from my f/1.4 lens will be fantastic! (:

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