The Smena 8M: The Starter's Swiss Army Knife


Born in the 1970’s the Lomo Smena 8M was created for the beginning lomographer in mind. It uses 35mm film and is made of fantastic plastic! Made for public consumption back then exported and shared around the world soon after.

Being a fully manual shooter, the Smena 8m offers loads of options on how to shoot through its Triplet 43, 40 mm lens. With shutter speeds ranging from 1/250 to Bulb and apertures from f/4-f/16, the variety of options for you are endless. it really is a versatile weapon of choice for those starting out in the wonderful world of Lomography.

With its zone type focusing, shoulder carry case and quick-cock shutter, the Smena 8m invites you to shoot from the hip anytime and anywhere. It has been my constant friend for the past year capable of making me see the world through crisp and clear or fuzzy and fun pictures. Shooting not just from the hip, but from almost anywhere – the floor, the ceiling, the rooftop – anywhere!

Some tips and techniques I can share when shooting the Smena 8m are:
1. When shooting through the viewfinder, use your middle finger to push down on the shutter release, so that the chances of getting your fingers caught on the cock shutter lever are minimized
2. Love the Bulb! Shoot often in Bulb mode as those long or quick little shots produce a dazzling play of blurry and light pictures, especially at night when the neon signs come flickering.
3. Don’t move to the next frame just yet!- The Smena 8m allows for you to easily shoot multiple exposures, enjoy the wonderful world of picture layering

All in all, the Smena 8m is truly a wonderful shooting companion capable of capturing those memorable, right-here-right-now moments and splashing them with a lot of colorful and fuzzy goodness.

Check out the Smena 8M microsite here

written by renelmacapagal on 2008-11-29 #gear #russian #review #smena-8m-starter-camera #fully-manual #anytime-anywhere #lucky-200


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    A very credible person to make a review for this camera.

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    nice article for newbies. well done! i got some info here! nice to meet you renelmacapagal!!!

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