We've found the Space and it was WIDE!

Imagine to see beyond, to see further and see things that resembles life on mars… Last night at the Lomography Gallery Store in Milan, for lomography aficionados surprise and the curiosity of many onthers who were there to inquire what strange event took place in our analogue terrirory, here’s what they’ve found…

The loud music, the russian vodka( reminiscent of the new born roots) anticipated the wait. What have we invited to launch our new camera? It is so perfect that it looks like it came from the future, it’s ultra wide lens allows a killer focus. it’s so amazing, aren’t you curious just yer??! A black curtain with a huge question mark what could it possibly have hidden? The Space! Stick your head in it to spy the universe and be dazzled by the new LC-W snapping pictures with a pink coloured colorsplash flash.

We’ve been to Mars. And a new camera is born.

Ok cool, back to the vodka… we might be overtalking.

Well then, check the pics and see it for yourself.

LC-W with Instant back and Color Splash

written by alessiab on 2011-05-23 #news #event
translated by lgs_milan

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