LC-Wide and Cats


LC-Wide gets fantastic features, ultra-wide angle and close up. Who is the best model? Definitely – Cats!

Every cat has its own character. Some are very lazy: They yawn and then ignore you. Some are passionate: They will rush to you and go round and round. Some are nervous: They stare at your camera and ready to run. Some …… fall asleep, which is the loveliest moment.

The minimum focus distance of LC-Wide is 0.4m. You can come closer to those lazy cats, or the sleeping ones. Be careful not to wake them up. How about the passionate cats? With the ultra-wide angle lens, you can surely capture them even without looking the view finder. (um… forget about the composition! Act fast!) I love the angle from “cat’s level”. You will have unexpected result. If you are facing some nervous cats, keep your motion slow. Put your camera slowly on the ground. They will face the camera!

Unexpected double exposure of LC-A and LC-Wide (Because I forget that roll has already exposed for 1 frame with LC-A)

This lucky cat in Hong Kong becomes the model of LC-Wide launching key image. When I saw this, I laugh, “You are famous in the world now!” I have taken many photos for him. Is there any lovely cat around your area? Bring your LC-Wide along with you! Don’t miss any adorable moments!


written by singleelderly on 2011-05-24 #cat #lifestyle #closeup #lc-wide #ultra-wide-lens
translated by singleelderly

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  1. kadense
    kadense ·

    ohhhh my Godddd KITTEHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your photos!!

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Fantastic photos! But please, stop! I'm trying not to want that camera and your pictures aren't helping! (; Lomo on!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  4. dazb
    dazb ·

    Great photos. I like photing cats- it's what I'll use my LCW on... :)

  5. swei
    swei ·

    hi! does this mean the lc-wide can't focus anything closer than 0.4m?

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