Cannes Film Festival - Last day for our lomographers


Our friends cc-in-paris and mikahsupageek are back in Paris today. Here are their reviews of the last two screenings they attended in Cannes !

The last day was powerful and tearful

After a very eventful train ride back to paris (don’t get me started on the train ride, it was epically bad…) I am now back home. Which is very strange. Just today at 7h30 I was in Cannes queuing to see a movie, now I’m in my room… Suddenly, it’s odd to be away from the frenetic rhythm: queue for movies, get an invite, find an invite, queue for movie, grab lunch, pick a coffee, look for someone, queue for a movie, go home, try to nap, get dressed, go out… and just be at home.

Today, at the early bird premiere I saw “This must be the Place” by Paolo Sorrentino with Sean Penn. I’m just going to say it straight away: this was my FAVORITE movie and it should win. I did not see all the other movies, but still think this should win! where to start….. I’m not going into the story, no point, I knew very little of the story and the least you know the best, so it can be a wonderful surprise. I just want to say that in a festival characterized by its good but heavy material, this movie was the best, happiest, brightest, shining star. I mean, the movies I’ve seen this week…. the apocalyptic end of humanity imagined by Van Trier was one of the happiest… that says a lot! And then there is “this must be place”, a movie full of sadness and depression and loss but so so so full of life! and what a perfect perfect ending! A movie of how you should face your fears and go about solving your unsolvable regrets…

Then there is the Music. The movie is not called “this must be the place” by chance. This song by the talking heads plays a central and recurring role. Now, this is one of my all time favorite songs. I love it and for me it played a central emotional part in the movie. And so does David Byrne himself.

I’ve been following Paolo Sorrentino’s work for a while: was really intrigued with “the friend of the family” and was blown away by “il Divo” but those were interesting and stylized movies without a very deep emotional core. In this movie he hit the goldmine! Apparently this movie was first conceived in Cannes 2 years ago: when Sean Penn was president of the Jury that gave Sorrentino the special prize of the Jury and told him he would love to work with him. good for all of us!

The Acting: my goodness! Sean Penn is magnificent. He plays a retired rock star probably very much inspired by Robert Smith of the Cure. He is PERFECT, delivery, presence, everything. Just a pleasure to watch. What a full and intriguing and developed and wonderful character he created. The rest of the cast is also brilliant and I’m running out of adjectives for wonderfulness and awesomeness, so I’ll just leave it there.

At the end of the movie I was hit with so much wonder and amazement and emotion that I started crying, not the few tears that rolled down my cheeks during ‘Pina’ or ‘Oslo, August 31’ but sobbing. I was crying non-stop, and of joy, really. Ok, it was early and I did not get much sleep this week but still, i left the cinema with tears running down by face.

So there it is, this movie deserves to win. And I just can’t wait to see it again!

Second and last movie: “Drive” by Nicolas Winding Refn. Again, I’m going to exhaust my list of adjectives: this movie was a 300% punch of fucking awesome to the stomach. THE action movie of the year! Ryan Gosling (love him, love him, love him) plays a stunt driver that is also a mechanic and a getaway driver for robberies. He is tense and intense, concentrated, never says much but, if looks could kill, well, they do, and he is a killer. Carey Mulligan (lovely, as always) and the driver don’t say much to each other during the movie: they don’t have to, their eyes tell the whole story. This movie is mostly about suspense, tension that is never relaxed, action, intense stylized violence and spectacular car chases. it works. it also has a very eighties vibe and soundtrack and it seems to make perfect sense for such a violently intense movie set in L.A. you feel like you were hit on the head at the end of it. The public LOVED it, the most clapped movie I’ve seen. Ryan Gosling (have I mentioned that i love him?) deserves all the praise and prizes coming his way and I am sure everyone will be talking about this movie soon.

So it’s over. I’m sad. It was WONDERFUL!!! I tried to make the best of it. Thanks to lomography once again. Maybe some more reflections on Cannes to come soon…. and the photos!!! I took 21 roles of pics!

Read all of the journey of cc-in-paris in Cannes on her blog !

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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    I'm glad you enjoyed Cannes!!! and hope you had me in your minds ;). Love from my home in Madrid guys!

  2. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    Yeah was good fun and you were in our thoughts =)

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