Rollei Digibase CN 200 Pro: Charming Colors from Belgium


This is Rollei and it hails from Belgium, its charming colors made me fall in love after shooting the first roll!

Credits: ccwu

In the beginning, I was attracted by the “Rollei” brand name, and bought the film without knowing what I am getting into. It was only later when I realized that it wasn’t produced by Rollei, but by Agfa’s Belgium factory.

The first roll gave me a very strong feel, the colors are neutral, with a refreshing look, similar to those cinema films.

Credits: ccwu

It has good indoor performance as well!

Credits: ccwu

One special feature of this film is that its base emulsion is not the normal orange color of negative films but transparent! But fret not, it is a real color negative film and can be processed using C41 solutions.

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  1. caromi
    caromi ·

    Lovely pictures! Looks like film worth trying :)

  2. gborin
    gborin ·

    Great pictures! I'm willing to try this film, but it's so hard to find around here where i live

  3. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    aaa I'm so jealous with the result :D's really beautiful review, hope one day I can try this fim!

  4. brandt
    brandt ·

    Hi I like the photos. The main photo and the girl on the train shot did you have them printed on glossy or matt paper originally and then scanned them? Regards, Brandt!

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