Kodak FunSaver (Single-Use Camera)


What a nice single-use camera! Just take it with you wherever you go!

Photo from Kodak Consumer Products

Take a look at it: isn’t this a pretty camera? All in black, red, and yellow! :-D

The disposable (what a nasty word for this camera!) Kodak FunSaver really doesn’t only look good, in fact, it is the perfect companion for any occasion. It is so small and so light, it fits in any purse, nobody would notice it. That’s what makes it so convenient to take this camera just wherever you go. It’s perfect for indoors, for outdoors, for parties…

It’s loaded with a Kodak 800 Color-Negative-Film and comes with a flash. You really only need the flash for indoor photos. When taking photos outside, don’t use the flash, even when it’s cloudy. For nice and toned photos, just place a piece of colored foil in front of the flash. I did some beautiful rosy pictures.

Just a couple of days ago, I took this camera to the pool. I wrapped it in a plastic bag, trying to keep it out of the water (to be on the safe side) and what should I say, the photos turned out lovely! It’s really a nice toy-camera, you should always have one with you!

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  1. cstevens746
    cstevens746 ·

    C'est tout les appareils jetable kodak qui donne un effet vieilli ou pas ?

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