Holga 135BC Review


For all of us who love the vignette effect on the corners of classic Holga cameras, there is now a 35mm Holga! Built with the classic plastic lens of Holga, 2 aperture settings, and 2 shutter settings, this 35mm camera is perfect for amateurs or expert lomographers.

We all love the famous Black Corner from the Holga cameras, but converting a 120mm camera to 35mm isn’t too convenient. You have to unload the film in the dark, you don’t know how much do you have to advance the film and you are always worried if some photo will appear. The Holga 135BC has everything that a 35mm camera has, and besides, it is a Holga!

The Holga 135BC has the N and B buttons, Cloudy/Sunny buttons, 4 focus positions (the classic Holga focus, with the little people), hotshoe for the flash (it’s a shame that the 35mm version doesn’t have a built-in flash), multiple exposure is possible, and you can also make panaromas (it’s a bit tricky but it’s possible). You can shoot day and night with no problem. The limit of this camera is yours creativity. It is a complete lomo camera.

I had tested this camera with color negatives, slide films and redscale films, with all of them I had great results, great colors, and my beloved black corners. The films are too easy to load or unload and I can make it really fast, wherever I want, no matter if it’s sunny or dark. My only negative insight on this camera are:

1. I can’t make sprocket photos, because I can’t change the mask and that is really disappointing;
2. The lack of a color built-in flash, like the Holga 120CFN or 120GCFN, is disappointing too.

But, despite all that, I think the Holga 135BC is one of the best lomo cameras and I think that you should think of getting one.

written by eatclicklove on 2011-07-27 #gear #review #black #photos #corner #lomography #holga #135bc #user-review


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