At Least 35 Years in the Making


One of our retail marketing managers from Vienna, Bastian Schürholz, has unknown film photographs he would like to share with us… all of which remained undeveloped for 3 decades and a half – wow!

Secondhand goodies, like books for instance, sometimes become priceless treasures when you find meaningful quotes or sentimental dedications handwritten by the book’s previous owner. What more if you discover an unprocessed film strangely living inside a vintage camera you bought from a thrift store?

Bastian found one and had the roll of black and white film developed. He had to take the last exposure [see last image in the gallery below] in order to finish the roll. He said, “Two weeks ago, I bought an old camera at Naschmarkt, a Braun Paxina 1, which was built from 1950 to 1954 for € 3.50. There was still film in it… The Ilford HP 4 which was released in 1964 and discontinued in 1976, so the photos must be 35 years old, at least.”

The images formed, to me, are very mysterious, or creepy even, considering that the persons who took the photographs and who actually appeared in them shall possibly remain unidentified till time immemorial. Also, when I examine the pictures, it makes me feel like I am transported into a different era and world where no one knows me, neither…

What about you, have you ever bought a used camera with a used film in it? You may share the images you’ve discovered by submitting an Analogue Lifestyle piece!

written by basterda on 2011-06-10 #lifestyle #found #old-films #old-cameras #bastian-schurholz


  1. graefin
    graefin ·

    Yes, I also bought a camera once and there was still a roll of film in it (colour film). The camera was a voigtländer Brillant from 1937. The pictures show no people but a river and a boat.

  2. mollyf
    mollyf ·

    Wow that's really fascinating! Kind of makes you wonder why the film wasn't developed in the first place...

  3. smbilgin
    smbilgin ·

    I used to use a point&shoot camera when I was a child. Since my teenage years I haven't touched it. Last year I found thet camera in a closet and there was a film inside which was exposed but never developed. I got it developed with bated breath. The pictures were pale, grainy. But there was one picture which took me away. Me and my father. After 2 years he passed away, this picture was priceless...

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    fantastic! How I'd love to discover such an old unprocessed film in a camera.... !

  5. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    I had a Canonet stolen 2 years ago from my home, it had a roll of Ektar in it, I'd love to get the roll back and see what I'd shot.

  6. paperplanepilot
    paperplanepilot ·

    i have one thats yet to be developed! can't wait for the results.

  7. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    The same thing would have happened , but i opened the back to check it out...

  8. troch
    troch ·

    I bought an old camera three months ago - it had a roll of Kodachrome in it. We'll never know.

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