The LOMO LC-Wide, What A Monster


After all these months of keeping my mouth shut, I can now finally scream about the launch of this monster camera – the LC-Wide. Hoooooray!!!

Last August, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the beta testers for the LC-Wide. After I’d gladly accepted this mission, a few rolls of Lomography colour negative films and the mysterious camera were delivered to my house. From its name, I could assume that the appearance of the LC-Wide resembled LC-A+ in most ways, but later I found out that its functions were quite different from the LC-A+. Why is that?

The first clue is obvious! Again, it’s in the name! With its 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, the LC-Wide gives a much wider angle than the LC-A+. It’s really time to capture everything your eyes can see all at once! You don’t need to back up several steps in order to capture more with this camera! However, I noticed that the final image is always wider than what I had originally composed using the viewfinder. So this is something you should be aware of when composing the image.

By flipping the LC-Wide upside down, I was super excited to learn that the LC-Wide has a multiple format selection to choose from! With just one camera, I could shoot 17 × 24mm half-frame shots (HF), 24 × 24 mm square (S) shots and 36 × 24mm standard format (FF) shots. Nothing tricky! All I have to do is switch the switch and change the frame! I am sorry but I need to compliment Lomography again for their thoughtfulness. I really adore the two stage opening of the lens and viewfinder, although I often forget to fully open the lens and viewfinder when taking full and square shots!

Some of my friends always have trouble finding the right focus when using their LC-A+. I think maybe it’s about time to introduce LC-Wide to them, because it only has two focus ranges to choose from! The closest you can get is 0.4 m!

So back to my beta-testing experience, although I am a big fan of cross processing, I stuck to the colour negative films that came with the camera. I took the LC-Wide everywhere I went. I tried double exposures, half-frame pictures, square pictures and of course full format pictures. Together we shared happy memories with many clicks!

written by cheriesu on 2011-05-21 #gear #review #lc-wide-lomo-lomography-camera-review-user-cheriesu-jennifer-su

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I was wondering why the LC-W has these 2 red dots and bigger body beside the lens ; is it because of the half-frame feature or simply because of the new 17mm lens that needs more distance between the optics and the film? Are these 2 red dots only decorative and to distinct it from the LCA+ ?

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