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Hollywood’s silent film era is surely one of the milestones in film history, so maybe it’s not that surprising to find film fans and critics loving Michel Hazanavicius’s last-minute entry to the Cannes.

Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo star as George Valentin and Peppy Miller in The Artist (Photo via The Independent)

The last-minute addition to the roster of Palme d’Or hopefuls is a tribute to Hollywood’s silent film era, undoubtedly one of the significant milestones in film history. The Artist is a French black and white silent film that’s maybe a tad too crisp and modern, but has the heart of a 1920’s classic. And see those luscious vintage cameras as well! The film tells the story of George Valentin, who the audience will find at the peak of his career in the silent film industry. Fans come swooning and flocking over the charismatic and seemingly mischievous movie star.

Among the strong points of this contender are the “film within a film” cinematic device and the catchy soundtrack emulating the divine jazz music of the 1920’s. However, some find the film’s flow a bit predictable, as it reaches the part where the “talkies” arrive and send Valentin’s slick silent film career come crashing. As the public goes nuts for the new and hip movies, Peppy Miller, whom Valentin met when she was still an up-and-coming starlet, becomes a Hollywood sensation.

Watch the trailer for The Artist below:

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