Kisarazu: Electric Poles Built on the Sea

There are electric poles that are built on the sea at Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture which makes for a very eccentric scenery.

In Japan, there are electric poles that are built on the sea. Where do you think they are located? Somewhere in Nankoku? Shima? Okinawa?

The one I went to is at Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture. It took about 1 hour from Tokyo to go there via the Aqualine Express Bus and the scenery is totally fantastic!

The sea was having a high tide on the day I visited, however I got a glimpse of a bit of land out of the seawater. If time allows, you can also choose to visit the nearby places. Also, when spring tide occurs, it seems that the electric poles and land would be submerged in seawater. I definitely would like to watch a scenery like this! I will come back again for this purpose someday.

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translated by haylomoley

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