Happy Anniversary, My Dear ... and LC-Wide!

24 hours together with my beloved one and LC-Wide, it is a normal day but with an extraordinary meaning — today marks the 6th anniversary for my relation with Keanu, my beloved one.

The second Saturday in May is Mother’s Day. While everyone is busy celebrating the day with their moms, me and Keanu are busy with other things — how to celebrate our 6th anniversary of being together. It is hard to spend six years with another person with different background and characteristics, however, today is a great milestone for our relationship. Being said, we don’t organize a romantic trip or something, we just agree to spend the whole day together, nothing else. But, we have an unexpected company — LC-Wide — that will accompany us through the day.

The great sunshine greets us good morning with a big smile and we start the day with a hearty breakfast at Good Cho’s in 44 South Village. I load the camera with a roll of Kodak Portra 400VC and set it to FF mode. I have long heard the good reputation of this restaurant, but I was engrossed with my writing project and haven’t got any time to come here. That’s why I insist coming here and have a bite of those delicious bagels and burgers. With the wide-angle lens of LC-Wide , I can take close shots of them as near as 40 cm instead of 80 cm. When I walk around, I see many people taking photos outside in the yard. There is also a group of senior people painting the sceneries in the village. It has been a long time since I last saw people painting outside, so I go watch they paint to satisfy my curiosity and I also take pictures of them. Later, when I browse the pictures, I find that LC-Wide really has wide view! The wide view on the photo is wider than what I had seen from the viewfinder! I just want to take photos of the second floor and the sky in the background, but the camera amazingly captures them in my photos.

My pseudo-artistic youth desire cannot be quenched with just a single photography exhibition, so we go to The Paper Mill in Shihlin where 2011 World Press Photo Exhibition is on display. Each year, I will visit the exhibition and always leave with mixed feelings. The exhibition takes me to places I will never set foot on and allows me to feel the sadness and pain of people in those places. However, in the mean time, I also learn how to make documentary photos from the works of these awarded photographers.

After two exhibitions, we still push hard on our eyes! We want entertainment with some differences. So we buy tickets to a 3D movie. We put on the 3D glasses and walk into the movie theater. Later, before the movie begins, we take photos of each with the 3D glasses on. In fact, this is the first time I take photos in a movie theater. Just like using LC-A+ to take photos indoors, you can still take photos in poor lit environment with LC-Wide , press the shutter, hold still and wait until the second click before release it.

When the movie finishes, it is time for dinner. We walk to a Japanese restaurant for the meal. Looking into the store from the window, I take pictures of chefs busy roasting the eels. While I savor the delicious Rice with Roast Eels, I thought of their hard work so I finish every grain of rice. During my walk here, I used LC-Wide to take photos on the street. I think it is a good tool for street shots just as LC-A+ does. The focus of LC-Wide is further simplified into two selections so you can choose the focus you want easily and quickly.

That’s all finally! These are what we did on our anniversary day. I later realized that I have never done such detailed notes for our past anniversaries so at last, this year, our anniversary will not only live in our memories, but also in all the photos I shot with LC-Wide.

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written by cheriesu on 2011-07-16 #lifestyle #wide-angle #anniversary #lomo #cheriesu #analogue-lifestyle #lc-wide #happy-love #jennifer-su
translated by blowpufferfish

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