On the River Lahn Through Gießen

The meadows and paths on the Lahn in Gießen are well attended in all seasons and all weather conditions. Between trees and bushes, among ducks and doves, there is always a place to relax and have a picnic.

The Lahn River is often described as dirty and muddy. Nevertheless, when a ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds, many people take to the fields and go in the restaurants on the Lahn.

At the entrance, until it flows through a settlement, past the garden plots, and then arrives at a weir, this part is always standing water where rowers and canoeists can go on. The Lahn is popular with ducks, swans, pigeons and herons and two bridges run across it in Gießen. You have the ability to do long tours without having to leave the immediate shore. The meadows on the Lahn are mostly very clean and there are always some shade-giving trees. An ideal place for barbecues or to meet with friends and acquaintances. Sunbathers sit, drinking beer on the park bench and mothers pushing their baby carriages in front of them. Rugby players throw the ball to-and-fro, and punks sleep on the piers. One of them is especially recommended as a resting place: it hangs on a concrete platform next to the slip lane for rowers. There, it is always dry and one can dip his feet into the warm water while watching the slowly sinking sun. If one is traveling on a Sunday and has nothing to drink (or eat), there are a few gas stations nearby where you can stock up on essentials.

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