Actionsampler, the mother of the sequential cameras


If plastic cameras is what we are talking about, one of the princesses is the Actionsampler. The simplicity turned into amusement.

She is the mother of the sequential cameras, a very funny device, sometimes a little bit weird but it has already won the hearts of every lomographer. And a very important point to mention is its very good price. Almost everyone could get one.

The Actionsampler is just a weird piece of plastic, it has four lenses, many colors, little wheels, levers and strange things that can clearly be seen clearly through its transparent plastic body. It is a beauty, indeed.

It looks like a toy but it is not. It It looks like it will not make any pictures, but It does it. It seems like it will break at any moment, but it is already a few years old and is still flawless. It was not my first Lomographic camera, but I have it for quite a long time now and it still looks like new. It still calls the attention of the people and they always say things like: “You’re crazy, that thing does not do anything!” How wrong they are!

It doesn’t use batteries, no flash, just a 35mm film and good light. With that you are guaranteed is total fun. One click and we get our sequence. The total exposure is one second, but each lens is open for just one quarter of the time. To help the composition, it has no viewfinder but a foldable display.

Photos are recommended in light day, using a 400 ISO film. One of its “features” is that usually one of the squares in the picture gets some light leaks, which paints part of our photo.

The Actionsampler is excellent for portraits with movement…so, stick out your tongue, make funny faces, and have fun!

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  1. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    i have one too, it's all bkack and a matte finish skin :)

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