Lomofolio-Philes Uncovered+ Winning Story


Your ’who’s the lomofolio-phile’ stories had us all entertained – thanks to all who put took part! Alas there can only be one winner and that is wilber – a truly crazy cat :)

Your ’who’s the lomofolio-phile’ stories had us all entertained – thanks to all who put took part! Alas there can only be one winner and that is wilber – a truly crazy cat :)

Check out his story after we reveal the true identities of the Lomofolio-philes…

Lomofolio-phile 1

Herr Gerald Matt – the Director of the Kunsthalle in Vienna. A true analogian – always wears a schick suit and refuses to use a computer. Faxes all the way! An avid supporter and partaker of all Lomography’s ventures.

Lomofolio-phile 2

Maria Haigermoser – Gerald Matt’s fair assistant

Lomofolio-phile 3

Tizia Barci – Femme Fatale and former Lomography Communications sista.

Check out the LomoFolio.

Check out wilber's story. 10 piggies on the way to you!

> After being left by his only true companion, the well-seasoned children’s entertainer fadio, Mr ishnine decided it was time to move on, picking up his bag. Hopping on the train, a tear of pure joy fell down his face like the time he met his true love Maid Fondue (Lomofolio-phile 2). Mean while Maid Fondue was involved in a hectic fight, her species the tishfidgeits were at war, an intergalactic battle over the last stock of film in the world, after King Rios of the universe discovered he was allergic to film he ordered it was all to be suffocated. A few rebels gathered all the film they could and hid it in every orifice to sell at ridiculously high prices in years to come and now the two multi galactic nations fought over who owns it. Anyway Maid Fondue was a spy working undercover to discover what the opposition were going to do next and this week she found her self back where it all began, earth.
> Mean while Mr Ishnine was pumping some iron in his right index finger as he decided to join the fighting forces, so need to buff up his (camera) shooting skills. Whilst he was doing this his mind was wondering around the warm body of Maid Fondue. All of a sudden the photo gym he was working in was surrounded! And twelve of King Rios men stormed in “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” shouted number one “I AM mmmm Doing nothing more than exercising my right to shoot a camera, IT CONTAINS NO FILM AND I WOULD NEVER THINK OF DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT!” replied Mr Ishnine “Okay then we will leave you in peace” Number one groaned that was too close Mr Ishnine thought so he decided to ring the only person who could him Maid Fondue.
> Lomofolio-phile 3: Okay so zoom back to the beginning remember the children’s entertainer, well that was her, and the reason she left was she was accused of talking lomographs of some children whilst they were eating cake and this was at the time illigal, so as she left her last ever party the paparazzi where there talking a picture of her poor lost soul, also as it happens she was King Rios’s daughter, so she is really Princess Fadio, but she gets all embarrassed with that, nice one
>0166678128945 he typed the number slowly “Maid fondue here, speaking” “hello” "NO NOT YOU " “I’m sorry i didn’t know what else to do” " I CANT DEAL WITH THIS NOW, I AM SUPOSSED TO BE ASSINATING YOU" “WHAT THE!!!??!!” “opps” " oh well now your on the phone" “sorry must dash” “how come” “I have to ummm, i dunno, i tell you what i will ring you later to talk long and hard about how much i love you” “Okay!!” “see you” Hanging up Mr Ishnine grabed his bag and jumped around his apartment for joy that maid fondue still loved him, then as he was leaning forward (as in picture) for a crazed trumpet solo he was shot from behind by Maid fondue, who quickly left the balcony she had done it from(picture two){sniper in bag} so what can we learn from this story that not only are we not alone on this plant, never trust anyone with such large boots, and always just always remember to wash your hairy knee caps before you ever ever partake in any sexual activities with a camera live life with out regrets but think before you shoot any kind of a gun, it can cause huge embarrassment lomo on i got so lost in that sorry :-) x

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    really crazy story!!! Congrats to you! wilber! :))

  2. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    All hail Wilber!!!! Congrats =)

  3. wilber
    wilber ·

    why thankyou


    i really didn't know what i was doing!!

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