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Two of our awesome community users, Max and Jeroen, entered a competition using a Lomo LC-A. Check their double-tastic entries out!

Max and Jeroen are two photography-students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kask) located in Ghent, Belgium. They went for a study-trip to Budapest in April for their master class. There, they made a work for this competition with a Lomo LC-A, a notorious Russian camera. What they saw in the streets were a lot of people traveling, going from A to B, commuters going from their home to their work and vice versa. They tried to capture this vibe with multiple exposures using analog 35mm film. Budapest gave them the impression that it was a very open, European city — the Europe without boundaries.

“These travelers are a metaphor for this freedom to go and stand wherever you like,” says Max and Jeroen.

Please click here to vote! All that you need to do is press the Tetszik (facebook like) button on the top left. Voting ends 24th of May, so it has to be up soon! Hopefully you can help me out, don’t know if this is your department, but maybe you can pass it on? Thanks! — via Max (aka maxpinckers) and Jeroen (aka cubilas)

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  1. cubilas
    cubilas ·

    Thanks lomography for backing us up! And thanks everyone for voting!

  2. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Done! Very nice shot!

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