Oktomat, the fancy red box

Oktomat, the red box with 8 lens that shines among every camera’s collection. The fun and surprise factor is always granted but be wary, good light is essential for the use of this small and light camera.

When I first saw the Oktomat I had to buy it. Of course that every time that you see yourself inside a Lomography store, with all the glow, it becomes almost impossible to pick something, you just want to grab everything. But in this particular time I had to have it. It was in my very start when I was completely thrilled by the Lomo colourful cameras. I still find the toy image irresistible but now some of them I prefer in black instead, like “old school” style. Back to the Oktomat, it allows making nice and crazy shots and mine has light leaks that match its own colour. In pop style, 8 images of pure suspense, as a matter of fact you never know what you will get, it’s always a surprise.

This camera multiplies the scene into 8 frames in a row creating a small story. All of you have already heard, surely, about Oktokino. Sadly it belongs to the past, the old Lomography site but we’re all hoping for that day that we’ll be able of making those crazy micro movies again.

A point & shoot camera that will spice your way of seeing what surrounds you. It has 8 individual lenses released one after another over 2.5 seconds with f/8 fixed aperture. The Oktomat likes sunny days more, hence shoot in bright sunshine or use a speedy 35mm film when low-light conditions. Outdoors is definitely the ideal environment to be in motion and to capture that is the most hilarious way of enjoying Oktomat.

Thus, go outside and run, jump and dance because motion pictures are made of movements. Get inspired and let your eyes be reproduced in 8.

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