The Kasbah on the Other Side of the Oasis


Tiny Meski Oasis in Morocco isn’t well known. In fact, it isn’t even mentioned in any travel guide or has many hits on Google. However if you happen to be passing by, be sure to allow yourself a few hours to enjoy the views over the oasis from a royal height.

During a trip through Morocco, we had a short overnight stay at Meski Oasis. Because we came in late and without light we allowed ourselves an easy morning around the oasis.

We got a tip from the locals that there was an old Kasbah just a bit up the hill from our camping spot at Source Bleu. After a short walk through palm trees, streams, and fields we came to the foot of a huge rock with an equally huge Kasbah completely in ruins.

From the Kasbah, you had breathtaking views over the oasis and the flat barren plain around the Kasbah. The Kasbah itself proved to be an interesting labyrinth of paths and old rooms. Guaranteed beautiful pictures and hours of playtime.

So for the adventurers out there, be sure to visit this off-the-beaten-track gem when you have the time.

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