We've got you cornered!

Lomography adhesive photo corners for the win. These sticky little triangles are just what your chap book ordered!

So you’ve bought your Lomography Chap Book then? All ready to put your awesome Lomo photos in it?

What’s that? Nothing to stick them with! Fear not, Lomography have got you cornered!

All you need is a little box of Lomography adhesive photo corners. They come in packs of 125 and are really simple to use.

Just take your pack, tear the tab at the bottom and pull out the strip of photo corners like so:

Remove one corner, slip your photo into it and then place the photo in your book:

All you have to do now is take another corner, place it on the opposite corner of your photo and stick it down. And that’s it, done! Many of you may want to stick your photo in using four photo corners but I prefer to use two. It’s economical and makes it easier to remove photos if you need to.

These sticky corners are easy to use and completely transparent so you can see every inch of your works of Lomographic art. Even better, they come with a great photo on the back, which my girlfriend will now demonstrate:

Thanks Becky. Don’t worry, it’s in focus on the box! When you’ve got lots of piggies to spend (or even pennies!) you usually end up with some left over and can’t decide what to spend them on. These photo corners would be a perfect little extra to a Lomo order. Even better, team them up with a chap book and you’re on your way!

written by panchoballard on 2011-05-22 #gear #review #user-review #adhesive-photo-corners #photo-corners #accessories-accessory-mounting

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