Pop 9 - The Unique 9


Take 9 pictures in one frame at the same time. Who can do that? That’s Pop 9. Easy to handle, light to take around, and the most unique thing is give you the perfect 9.

I got my Golden Pop 9 in 2010. This is a free gift from lomography.com when I purchased LC-A+. I was surprised to see a golden camera inside the parcel. I didn’t notice that I actually got an extra free camera when I check out. But I didn’t actually load in a film until May 2011. Kodak Colorplus 200 was loaded, and I’m ready to test it.
Credits: guitarleo

With the built-in flash, I can shoot any picture at any place. Just switch on the flash, and no worry for under exposed picture. With 9 lens and same picture in a frame, I try this with big head shot, and close up shot. The result is awesome; I get 9 of me having burger, 9 of my legs, and a lot of fries! This creates a lot of unique patterns.

Credits: guitarleo

I tried for landscape, but this isn’t really impressing.

Credits: guitarleo

But for what you see in the viewfinder, is not what will show in the picture. When you look thru the viewfinder and see the whole object is in the middle, but actually you lost the bottom part of the object. But then, who’s care? Don’t think, just shoot.

Because of the unique 9 lens, Pop 9 is a nice camera to create patterns. For the first roll, I’m happy and impress for the result.

written by guitarleo on 2011-06-04 #gear #review #gold #nine #pattern #lomography #multi-lens #unique #user-review #multiply


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    ..and my fave 3D camera! just look at the center of the picture cross the eyes and taadaam! :)

  2. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    I like the landscapes!

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