The Supersampler - The Best Movie Camera in the World!

1 2 3 4 tell me that you love the Supersampler more! It is the coolest movie camera I know. A 4-shot photo is a great and harmonious one. I love the vignettes in each short. It is fantastic!

Life is complicated, but your Supersampler should not be. It welcomes all film types even Black and White film or low ASA. But the Supersampler loves the sun. So, the rule is using it between sunrise and sunset for good results. Actually, I fell in love with its body. I have a rubber blue one. People around me who do not know what wonderful a camera I have always wonder when I use it. On the other hand, I am very proud to make people surprised. It also arouses them to be curious. Then they ask me. Thus, I tell them all of Supersampler stories. And that makes my Supersampler more valuable than it is. Let’s the world know about our beloved SS!!!

written by evev on 2008-11-27 #gear #review #sunlight #movies #vignett #rubber #ss #lomography #supersampler

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